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If you live your life fully, you will only die once. But if you are scared, fear will kill you day after day.
Paulo Coelho (via thelittlephilosopher)
1 down 5 to go

WOW.. one semester over? 

only 5 more to go here 

and 8 more to go in medical school and we are set 

well lets do this .. this one went fast .. cant even believe i am going home so soon. 

Schedule for second semester .. NICEE 

Schedule for second semester .. NICEE 

College life

Wow.. one semester goes so fast… between organizations, classes, friends etc. this has been an interesting four months

Life is good, and interesting… lets see what more it has in store … 

how big is googolplex? :)

Well google = 100

So googleplex = 100x100

but i will deff check up on that again

hii! <3

i like this song.. it keeps me strong